Smash Intervention Technologies!

SmashBox20 is collaborating with Dr. Chih-Chin Chou, Director & Associate Professor, Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling Program, Department of Child & Family Studies, Dr. Redwan Alqasemi, Research Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation & Robotics Technologies (CARRT), with the University of South Florida and Dr. Katie Schubert, LMHC, CST, NCC, RYT and Cypress Wellness Center to bring you Smash Intervention Technologies – A Novel Intervention Enhancing Mental Health Outcomes.

Building upon existing concepts of a rage room, psychotherapy, and technology, SmashBox20 has developed Smash Intervention Technologies, (Pat. Pend.), a new intervention model of smashing that combines the traditional smashing activity with psychotherapy to provide an alternative treatment option for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and related symptoms. This novel design provides specialized smashing options as an alternative and cost-effective intervention for individuals who may not benefit from traditional talk therapy. Smash Intervention Technologies offers multiple delivery methods for this specialized smashing, including a Guided Smash option that provides smashers an in-session psychotherapist that instructs clients on how to release pent up emotions throughout their smash session, a Mobile Smash Clinic option where we bring Smash Intervention clinics to you, and even state-of-the-art smash technology that is sure to take smashing to a whole new dimension!

Check back on our website frequently and be looking for upcoming announcements on our social media pages, as to when these new Smash Intervention Technologies services will be available to be booked!