Recycling | Responsibility

Every chance we get, Smashbox20 is partnering with the community to find as many ways to give back wherever we can, and dispose of, or donate our smashed materials in the most responsible way; because this isn’t just our business model, this is our way of life!

Being socially responsible and eco-friendly starts with a contactless, secure, and completely electronic registration, waiver, and check-in process, which serves to keep things simple, safe, and green. All of the furnishings throughout SmashBox20, less some of the decorative touches, are 100% recycled too! Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Aside from facilitating THE MOST AWESOME cathartic smashing around, giving back, getting involved, and making a difference in our community is the mission of SmashBox20. We are the proud sponsor of some of Tampa Bay’s most honorable organizations doing the most good in this community and beyond, and have donated thousands in smashes and continuously support the local economy and advocacy work.

Below are some of the organizations we’ve made contributions to support their cause.

Pineapple Project (1)
JPEG Large Wheelchairs for Kids Logo resize
Pinellas county clerk of the court logo (1)
LCC Day School Logo (1)
spca logo short (1)
City of Treasure Island (1)
Book Rescuers Logo
Hero to a Child logo