Recycling | Responsibility

Every chance we get, Smashbox20 is partnering with the community to find as many ways to give back wherever we can, and dispose of, or donate our smashed materials in the most responsible way; because this isn’t just our business model, this is our way of life!

Being socially responsible and eco-friendly starts with a contactless, secure, and completely electronic registration, waiver, purchase, and check-in process, which serves to keep things simple, safe, and green. all of the furnishings throughout smashbox20, less some of the decorative touches, are 100% recycled too! another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Although we haven’t confirmed with experts yet, we strongly believe and several others in the industry agree, smashing junk and essentially breaking it down before it gets to the landfills, significantly reduces the decomposition time, which is ultimately better for the environment.

We continuously establish alliances with local organizations such as spca of tampa bay’s wildlife division, whose livestock and large inhabitants of iguanas will benefit from our fruit salad smashes.

We are happy to announce our newest women-led businesses to join our roster of partners that include junk chic’s, llc and fluff animal rescue who help to supply our furniture and breakables.

We love co-sponsoring charitable fundraisers for organizations that provide any form of community support, by donating a percentage of the proceeds back to your organization. please contact us to learn more.

In response to the covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented strict smashing limitations, increased dress code restrictions, include a stringent sanitizing process that is followed throughout the smashbox20 facility and, we recommend all guests wear masks and practice social-distancing while in our lobby.

We are always looking for new opportunities to give back and support our community, so if you know of a way we can help, contact us and let us know how!

Smashbox20 is happy to accept the following breakable items:

  •  Electronics of any kind; flat screen tv’s, computers, vcr’s, small appliances, etc
  •  Glass, ceramics, household items, mirrors, doors, windows
  •  Un-upholstered furniture, appliances, and anything breakable

No tube TV’s, upholstered furniture, mattresses, bbq grills, vacuum cleaners, or lightbulbs. please call to coordinate.

After we give them a good smash, we send them off for proper disposal.

Stay tuned for new announcements and events coming soon!