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Mobile Smashing Now Available!

Hosting a team building event and want to reward your staff with the gift of relieving some of the pressure from the strenuous work you do, by smashing printers, copiers, and computer monitors?

Having a divorce party and want to let it all out by smashing pictures of your ex, appliances, glass, and electronics, with bats, sledgehammers, and your closest pals, all without ever leaving home?!

Or, how about hosting an epic birthday party, graduation, fundraiser, and any other type of event under the sun, where attendees need to let it all out, but you want the smashing to take place on your turf?


Click on the “Book Now” to book “Buster”

For groups of 8 or more, anywhere permissible within Pinellas county.

To reserve mobile smashing for venues outside of Pinellas, please contact us.

Hosting an event with more than 10 people? We also have hourly and pay-per-smash options available to accommodate any size event starting at just $360 per hour. That’s only $45 per person to bring the smashing to you!

*Minimum attendance required. Prices based on locations within Pinellas County

For more information or to reserve “Buster” for your next big event

Contact us via email or call or text 727-776-7715.

Because of the high demand for Mobile Smashing, please book your event well in advance to ensure availability.

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