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Mobile Smashing Now Available!

Hosting a team building event and want to reward your staff with the gift of relieving some of the pressure from the strenuous work you do, by smashing printers, copiers, and computer monitors?

Having a divorce party and want to let it all out by smashing pictures of your ex, appliances, glass, and electronics, with bats, sledgehammers, and your closest pals, all without ever leaving home?!

Or, how about hosting an epic birthday party, graduation, fundraiser, and any other type of event under the sun, where attendees need to let it all out, but you want the smashing to take place on your turf?


Our Mobile Smash option can accommodate 12-14 smashes per hour, each lasting the duration of the Smasher’s song of choice, and you can go up as many rounds as time permits. We supply everything, there is minimal debris that makes it outside of the truck, and we leave the smash site exactly the way we found it when we arrived!

Please note: there is a $2 per mile round trip fuel surcharge for locations outside Pinellas County. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Smash with you later!

For more information or to book a Mobile Smash for larger events, please send an email to

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